Wednesday, July 11, 2012

With color blocking being all the rage in the fashion industry it has definitely transferred over to our hair and nail trends almost just as quick as it took the world by storm!  It seems as the "ombre" style of color got slightly boring a lot of clients seem to be stepping up and asking for more boldness.  We started the trend from darker at the roots and lighter at the ends.  With summer coming into play now everyone wants something a little more wild and fun.  From pinks, to blues, we just cant get enough color with the season.  Even when they start pretty true to tone they always fade out with the never ending sunlight we love to bathe in at the beach giving you many options to change when returning into the salon.  Us stylists love when clients ask us to switch it up and to get creative.  
If there was one color you could experiment with in your hair what would it be?  I'm currently trying out an amazing product with Eufora that I am a team leader with.  It is an aerosol tinted hair powder available in tickled pink, passionately purple, or true blue.  Depending on how much is applied you can add just a little for a pastel hue, or more for a bolder statement.  When sealed with hairspray they will last until your next shampoo which is fun for a night out on the town, or just to try out a funky color when in your stylists chair.  
Eufora Creative Streaks are available at Eufora exclusive salons around the nation only, offering fun, funky temporary color to amp up your style!  Stop into the Knick Salon & Spa and see me for a demo of this amazing product! 

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